This Is The Only Non-Alcoholic Wine In The World Made With 100% Okanagan Grapes

Here’s how ONES cracked the code on creating a premium non-alcoholic wine with all the aromas, flavours & noticeable mouth-feel you crave in a glass of vino.

It sucks, doesn’t it?

When it feels like you’re the only person not drinking…

You’re constantly being asked why…

Even being pressured into drinking when you don’t want to…

And it’s hard not to feel left out.

You’re tired of having to constantly tell people it’s because…

  • You want to be able to drive home
  • You’re trying to manage your weight
  • You have a health issue or disease
  • You can’t have sugar
  • You’re done with hangovers & feeling like crap
  • You just simply want to be healthier

And yet, you still can’t help but feel a little like an outsider when you’re the only one without a drink in your hand.

Sure, there’s water or tea or pop…

But you want something that makes you feel like you’re a part of the celebration. Not like a little kid.

Enter dealcoholized wine.

It’s just like drinking with your friends—but without the buzz. 


So much of it ends up bland and not very enjoyable because most winemakers overlook these 2 necessary components for creating full-flavoured wine…

  1. The quality & type of grapes

  2. The alcohol content

You’re tired of bland non-alcoholic wines. But you don’t want to feel left out of celebrations. So it’s time you met ONES.

Here’s the secret to great tasting non-alcoholic wines that don’t compromise on flavour.


ONES Non-Alcoholic Okanagan Wines

The only Okanagan wine—without the buzz

0g Sugar

0g Carbs

100% Okanagan Wine

<0.5% Alcohol


Made with sustainably harvested Okanagan grapes from Canada’s unique “pocket desert”

The secret to any great-tasting wine is its quality of ingredients. Thanks to its unique “pocket desert” climate, the Okanagan has the exact right conditions for premier grape-growing. 

The dry summer heat ensures full flavour development & ripening while the cool fall weather allows the grapes to naturally retain their acidity—leading to flavourful & vibrant wines.

The non-alcoholic wine with more character than a Saturday morning cartoon 

To avoid losing character like zero-alcohol wines, ONES wines keep a small amount of the alcohol content. 

Through extensive experimentation with the alcohol-removal process, ONES discovered the perfect balance between alcohol levels & flavour. This trace amount of alcohol is what gives the wine its pleasant aromas, a noticeable mouth presence, and a lingering & balanced finish.

What you’ll get

100% Okanagan, BC grapes

Premium non-alcoholic wine

Zero sugar

Zero carbs

<0.5% alcohol

Only 24 calories per can

Sustainably farmed

The ONLY sugar-free non-alcoholic wine in Canada

Shipped directly to your door, anywhere in Canada

FREE shipping

Meet your Okanagan winemakers

Chris Pagliocchini & Tyler Harlton

Both Chris & Tyler grew up on family farms that set them on their winemaking journeys. This first hand experience working with the land gave them both an understanding of how the quality of the final product depends on what goes into it. With this in mind, they joined forces to create the Okanagan’s only non-alcoholic wine so that non-drinkers & the sober curious who wanted a proper bottle of non-alcoholic wine would finally have one.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, is it just grape juice? 

Definitely not. Grape juice doesn’t go through a fermentation process. ONES wines are fully fermented which is what gives wine its textures, flavours, aromas and mouth-feel. Only then do we remove the alcohol from the finished wine.

Why do you keep some of the alcohol?

Removing 100% of the alcohol noticeably affects the mouth-feel & texture. With trace amounts of alcohol (just 0.5%) we’re able to bring you much more flavour, character & mouth-presence than other zero-alcohol wines.

What makes Okanagan grapes so special?

Thanks to our unique “pocket desert” climate, the Okanagan creates unique flavorful wines. Our long, hot summer with dry, arid conditions gives our grapes plenty of time in the sunshine leading to more ripeness and flavour development. The cool, fall nights impart balance to the wines, preserving their natural acidity—which you can taste in our wines. 

Will it taste different in the can instead of a bottle?

Nope. It's the exact same taste—just in a more convenient package. Lighter, easier to carry & portion-controlled so you can enjoy a single drink without losing freshness.

Do you ship all across Canada? 

Yes, we ship from coast to coast to coast! However, shipping may be delayed when it is -5 degrees Celsius or below as wine may freeze at at that temperature.

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Packed with flavour—not sugar

Have a glass (or 10!)—entirely guilt-free. 

With absolutely no added sugar, ONES wines avoid becoming too sweet. These are light wines with 0g of sugar & only 24 calories per can (alcoholic wine is as high as 160 calories per glass!)

Whether you're diabetic, on Keto, wanting to lose weight while still enjoying a glass of vino or you just want to be healthier by cutting back, ONES wines gives you a flavourful way to stay on track.


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This is the ONLY sugar-free non-alcoholic wine in Canada

"9 Out Of 10 Stars"

Even The Wine Pros Love ONES

Independent reviews by Deborah Podurgiel, 
Certified Sommelier & wine reviewer for Natalie Maclean

"I really enjoyed it... fresh with blackberry, raspberry and savoury aromas.... Fresh and tangy with a fine & persistent mousse... soft tannins give more body to the wine...

Very tasty considering there is no alcohol and no residual sugar. I enjoyed it on its own and found it very refreshing and guilt-free as I practically finished the bottle in one sitting. All in all, an excellent and well-crafted non-alcoholic wine."

Tasted & Reviewed January & February 2023.

ONES 2021 Sparkling Wine

- Limited Release -

- Limited Release - 

ONES canned wine is made in small batches so when it's gone, it's gone.

Here’s why Canadians across the country love ONES non-alcoholic wines

"Tastes like wine without the alcohol"

"Closest flavour to full alcoholic wine that I've tried"

"Don't feel like I'm missing out when dining with friends anymore"

ONES non-alcoholic wines

Other non-alc wines

No hangover

0g sugar

100% premium Okanagan grapes

Small batch

Dry & light

0g carbs

24 calories/can

No hangover

Up to 30g of sugar/bottle

Made with bulk wine or vinegar base

Large scale

Overly sweet & sugary

Up to 30g of carbs/bottle

Up to 50 calories/serving

Made With Real, Fermented Grapes—Not Vinegar

Unlike some non-alcoholic wines that use vinegar as a base—ONES uses only grapes & puts them through the fermentation process. Fermentation is the only way to unlock many of the classic flavors of wine.

Back by popular demand....

ONES Non-Alcoholic wines—from a can!

The same great taste—in a lighter, more convenient package.

Enjoy single serving non-alcoholic wine—without cracking open a whole bottle

Here Are The Bright & Flavourful Non-Alcoholic Okanagan Wines You’ll Get To Enjoy

The only Non-Alcoholic wine from the Okanagan

2021 Sparkling Okanagan Red

Modeled after the “Lambrusco” sparkling red from Italy, you’ll discover pleasant notes of blackberry & pomegranate on the nose with medium tannins & bright acid on the palate with this sparkling red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. 

Zesty & alive, without sugar weighing it down, this in an excellent non-alcoholic wine for pairing with appetizers and mains that comes in at just 0.5% alcohol.

2022 Sparkling Okanagan Rosé

This non-alcoholic rosé uses a delightful mix Merlot, Cabernet Franc & Malbec grapes right from the Okanangan. You’ll be treated to strawberry & melon on the nose with bright acid on the palate that make this light-bodied rosé perfect for pairing with soft cheeses.

The acid & bubbles refresh the palate and complement any appetizer with a creamy texture.

Pairing: Pizza; Pasta with white sauce

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting: Just-ripe blackberry and pomegranate on the nose, medium tannin and bright acid on palate, light body

Serving: Slightly chilled

Nutrition: 0 grams sugar, 0 grams carbohydrates

Alcohol: <0.5%

Calories: 24 calories/can

Pairing: Oysters, Falafel wraps, Soft cheese platter

Grapes: Merlot; Cabernet Franc; Malbec

Tasting: Strawberry & melon on nose, bright acid on palate, light body

Serving: Slightly chilled

Nutrition: 0 grams sugar, 0 grams carbohydrates

Alcohol: <0.5%

Calories: 24 calories/can

2023 Sparkling Okanagan White

This is a dry, zero-sugar sparkling white that brings you all the tropical notes of a non-alcoholic chardonnay. Enjoy a burst of pear on the nose with a lively palate all wrapped up in a light and bubbly body that's great for sharing with friends.

If you're thinking about seafood—oysters, lobster bisque, sushi—then you'll want to have these cans on hand.

Pairing: Sushi, corn chowder, roast chicken

Grapes: Chardonnay

Tasting: Pears & tropical notes on the nose with a lively palate & light body

Serving: Slightly chilled, refrigerate

Nutrition: 0 grams sugar, 0 grams carbohydrates

Alcohol: <0.5%

Calories: 24 calories/can


Small Batch. 
Limited Release.

No More Missing Out

You Can Finally Enjoy Great-Tasting Premium Okanagan Wine—Without The Hangover, Sugar Or Carbs

12 Pack

4 x 250 ml cans of Sparkling Red

4 x 250 ml cans of Sparkling Rosé

4 x 250 ml cans of Sparkling White

0g sugar 

0g carbs

24 cals/can

100% Okanagan wine

0.5% alcohol



Limited release

Yes, I want to try the only Okanagan non-alcoholic wine!

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Ships Canada-wide! At -5 degrees Celsius shipping may be delayed as wine may freeze at this temperature.

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